This Super-Modern Yacht Costs £ 150 million

If a yacht is usually tourist transportation for millionaires, the mega-yacht named The Hareide seems destined to be boarded by billionaires. The luxury of traveling on their sea will be increasingly felt by riding a yacht that spends £ 150 million. The ship with a length of more than 100 meters is made with concepts inside and outside the room. One of them is the tail section of the ship that is made so that splashes of seawater can enter. That is, passengers do not need to jump from the deck to feel the waves. The main yacht deck features very high glass windows. According to SuperYacht World, this ship has a grand-hall with monochrome color design. It’s definitely a masterpiece in the world of Power Boating.

A magazine calls this luxury ship an exclusive combination of elegance and modernity with Scandinavian design. They also claim that many environmentally friendly components are used.

The dining area and place to see the scenery is made higher than the main deck. Other special features can also be seen from the 20-meter swimming pool which is surrounded by a vast and soothing lawn.

This luxury yacht ship is known to only be produced by Hareide Design, a Norwegian-based company that takes on making special superyacht era products.

“Mega-yachts are currently more designed as luxury hotels floating in the ocean,” said Hareide Design founder, Einar Hareide.

This ship, according to him, uses 300 square meters of solar panels. The panel is made to run the engine.

When performing higher speeds or long-distance travel, diesel-electric drives are a better choice.

In order to make this yacht more exclusive, there are also helipads on the board to allow people to come and go when the ship is sailing in the middle of the ocean.

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