The Lamperle Residence Is A Glasshouse Which Represents Wealth And Elegance

In California, the USA, there is a beachfront glasshouse designed by Jonathan Segal FAIA. This glasshouse carries outdoor connections through the use of a large glass area and deck. Each of the rooms in this house is designed to openly face the ocean view through the use of vertical and horizontal planes that determine the visual edge of the sea in front of it. In the meantime, if you also want to decorate your house with more glass elements like The Lamperle Residence, perhaps you need to hire the most trusted experts of splashbacks perth .

The room is designed to create an atmosphere of privacy for its residents. This building uses entirely concrete, steel and glass. There is also a basic room that maximizes the open floor area and also a lounge while relaxing with the comfort of a glasshouse to enjoy the beach. What is special, this glasshouse almost completely uses solar power.

In addition, the ventilation system in the glasshouse is intelligently designed so that if the surrounding temperature or climate makes the air heat up a little, the air circulation from the vent makes it cold.

Then if you need warmth in a house, this glasshouse is designed through the high efficiency of warming the temperature of the soil under the floor which makes this glasshouse warm.

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