Helpful Writing Tips For A2 English Test

A2 level is the second level or for the basic users of English in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). You have mastered the basic of English and can communicate simple tasks and needs at this level. You need to prepared basic English skills like speaking, reading, listening, and writing for british life skills. In the writing test, you will do 2 tasks in 30 minutes and you can use a printed dictionary during the test.

Before you’re taking the test for writing at A2 level, here are some tips you need to know.

2 Helpful Writing Tips for A2 English Test

1. Task 1 – Form Filling

In this task, you must fill in a form that consists of six questions. You need only one word for an answer in the first three questions. Meanwhile, the other three questions ask for 10-15 words to answer.

You should read carefully for each question before writing anything. To make sure you know what to write you can underline the keywords. For the sentence answers you need to put in the important information, e.g. last weekend I went to the beach cinema with my best friend. You will use simple past or simple present sentences in the sentence answers. Make sure to check your work before you start Task 2 for A2 English test.

2. Task 2 – Message Writing

In Task 2 of A2 English test, you can choose either an email or a postcard and write about 50 words. You have to spend two minutes writing a few notes for yourself after you have chosen your task. It is easier to write if you plan and just write about 50 words, but don’t count the words you have written. You can write short forms like she’s, didn’t, can’t, etc. The reader of your writing in these texts is always somebody you know well.

That’s all about helpful writing tips for task 1 and 2 in A2 English test. You should practice your writing skills to pass the exam.

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