Characteristics of a Good Bathroom

Even though you pay enough attention to decorating your home, there are many other elements in the house that tend to be ignored, one of them is the toilet. The toilet in the bathroom is a necessity as well as can be an additional decoration that unexpectedly provides the beauty needed in the bathroom. In addition, you can visit bathroom renovation northern virginia to do a bathroom renovation bathroom remodeling northern virginia.

What is the best, comfortable and clean toilet like?

1. The existence of color unity

To turn the toilet into a luxurious setting, consider color choices. The easiest is to make the color of the towel, mat, and toilet into one unit if the color of the tiles and walls is different from the color of the toilet. In the following photo, the bathroom room looks impressive with rustic wood walls. Towels and doormat also have compact neutral colors. On the other hand, if all the elements in the bathroom are white, you can add towel elements and doormats in dark colors like dark blue or black to give a stylish contrasting impression.

2. Enjoy the fragrance

Many people choose to use room deodorizers for bathrooms and toilets, but maintaining a toilet without any smell is even more recommended. The fragrance created for the toilet has the smell of a toilet, so the smell leaves the feel of the toilet. You are recommended to choose wines that focus on fresh air and natural nuances and scented hand washing soap for a clean and fresh impression after using the toilet.

3. Storage function

Also consider a room for storing reserves of toilet paper, toiletries, towels and so on. The bathroom becomes more functional when there is enough storage on the wall. If it’s not available, then you can hide the supply by using a basket of natural ingredients, which also gives a clean and neat impression. Furthermore, this basket is also very decorative, very comfortable because it can adjust any design style, especially Scandinavian, country, rustic and modern.

4. Treatment

The best toilet is always clean. Therefore, you need to regularly clean the toilet and replace toilet paper and toilet sheets if there are any. You should always be prepared to reserve 2 to 3 tissue rolls at home for sudden needs.

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