Be Careful Cheating Can Make Men Affected by a Heart Attack

Every year, cases of infidelity started by men continue to increase and there are some of these cases resulting in death.
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Men are very happy to show that they can master all women.
Even though they have a stronger physique than them, it turns out they are still more susceptible to heart disease.
There have been many cases of men dying suddenly while being with the lover.
Not only are they chatting, but there are also many similar cases when the man is having sexual relations with his affair.

A study shows, heart attacks, including fatal attacks, tend to be rarely found when men make love with legitimate wives at home.
But, when the guy is playing fire with another girl, the risk of a very dangerous heart attack grows bigger.
This is because they do not know the health condition of their affair. Many factors can trigger a sudden heart attack.
Some are due to fatigue while having sex, because of lack of rest or prolonged stress.

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